Throughout the past century, Der SPIEGEL has compiled a highly popular and respected booklist that is used by bookstores and readers alike. This unbiased list of the best German books is based on real sales data from the German publishing industry.

Its popularity has led it to become a key tool for the German publishing industry, as well as being an invaluable resource for authors. The list has helped to promote the work of many literary stars.

The bestselling titles on the Spiegel bestseller lists are chosen based on a variety of criteria, including sales numbers and reviews. These factors are then ranked and tabulated into a weekly list, which is published in the Der SPIEGEL magazine.

This week's bestselling books in hardcover, paperback and ebooks are:

#1 SPIEGEL bestseller in hardcover: The Dawn of Everything by Professor David Wengrow from UCL Archaeology, and David Graeber

#2 SPIEGEL bestseller in hardcover: A History of Magic and the Mind by Martin van Creveld

#3 SPIEGEL bestseller in hardcover: Mistur by Ragnar Jonasson

#4 SPIEGEL bestseller in hardcover: Dimma by Ann-Helen Laestadius

In addition to their bestselling hardcover lists, Der SPIEGEL compiles a series of monthly lists for their online publication SPIEGEL Wissen. These are divided into four segments: “Essen & Trinken,” “Leben & Gesundheit,” “Hobby & Kreativitat” and “Natur & Garten.” Each of these lists contains books with a strong literary appeal that have been translated into German, as well as those with an international literary reputation.